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Beto O’Rourke Hits 1 Million Instagram Followers

September 16, 2019

After the third Democratic Debate on Thursday night, Beto O’Rourke passed the 1 million mark on Instagram. Of all the 2020 Democratic Candidates – he is only the 5th to have over 1 million followers on Instagram. The four candidates in front of him are: Bernie Sanders – 3,694,958 Kamala Harris – 2,082,037 Elizabeth Warren…

Senators Up for Re-Election in November 2018

October 25, 2018

<img src=”” alt=”senators up for re-election” itemprop=”image” height=”1000″ width=”1500″ title=”A colorful collection of American national political vote badges,” /> <p>The 2018 November United States elections include 35 contested Senate positions. (Two of these are special elections, meaning the original incumbent stepped down or passed away before completion of the term.) Below is a list of…

Tossup Regions in the 2018 Representative Elections

October 23, 2018

<p>When election season comes around, people try to predict how the votes will swing in a particular region. Each region is given an “Election Rating” based on several factors, such as candidate strength and the partisan leanings of the area. For the upcoming 2018 Representative elections, there are several districts that are estimated to have…


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