Truckers’ Most Valuable Cargo

The Canadian Truckers’ “Convoy for Freedom” started as a protest against unreasonable C19-related regulations and mandates imposed on them. But their protest has managed to channel the pent-up frustrations of working class people around the globe; people who have likewise been infringed, suppressed and bullied by arbitrary and irrational rules imposed by Medicrats and the ruling elite in their own countries.
With the support of millions of people, similar convoys are springing up throughout Europe. In March, the US Convoy will roll; all carry the same precious cargo: A demand for fundamental human rights.
If all the covid-related regs and mandates get rolled back the world-wide movement would support for this movement wane?
It’s worth noting here that much of the Western World has been moving Left as a default-direction for decades. It is a movement that serves to CONSOLIDATE POWER in ever-fewer hands; permitting ideological agendas of the ruling elite to drive policies that harm the rest of the population. So working-class frustration with an entrenched political class’s expanding infringements has been building in many places for many years. The draconian and seemingly-never-ending “emergency response” may be more the proverbial “straw” than the singular cause of this movement.
As we saw with Brexit and then with the 2016 election, the so-called “populist movements” of late have each carried a similar message.
It is an ANTI-globalist demand that leadership govern in consideration for their own citizens first rather than globalist aspirations or Leftist ideologies. These movements were obviously consequential.
But today’s movement may be even more so. It channels the anti-elitist sentiments of 100s of millions of people, in the process spanning countries and continents.
Without even meaning to do so, the Truckers have gathered an international coalition for human liberty that may be, if thoughtfully directed, powerful enough to derail the global elitists’ “Great Reset.” If so, the truckers will have delivered the most valuable cargo of the modern era.

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