Andrew Yang Gained More Twitter Followers Then Any Other Candidate After 3rd Debate

It was a big night on social media for Andrew Yang. When the night was over, Andrew Yang had gained more Twitter Followers then any other candidate. Yang promised a big surprise and he delivered with his contest to give 10 people $1k a month for an entire year. This is an example of his plan to give every American over 18 in $1k a month to spend any way they want.

Yang tried to make a splash at the start of the evening by announcing he would be paying 10 lucky Americans his $1,000 “freedom dividend” for a year, but perhaps his most moving response of the evening came when discussing a separate topic: immigration. The entrepreneur made the point that he, a child of an immigrant, was able to grow up and run for president and put together an argument with personal, political, and economic strains.

At the start of the debate, Andrew Yang had 810,755 followers on Twitter. By the end of the debate, he had 847,149. This is over 35k followers!

Many other Candidates had huge gains, but none as much as Yang. Bernie Sanders had just under 30k, as did Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren.

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